ClassPass Singapore

Up to 53 KF Miles / 10 USD From 16/03/2020
Until 17/04/2020
Was: Up to 46 KF Miles / 10 USD
ClassPass is an on demand fitness subscription service that allows users to go to multiple studios in different locations. It is subscription based, people pay every month a certain amount in exchange for credits, a ClassPass currency that gets uses to access classes - which have dynamic credit pricing.

More workouts on ClassPass = More rewards
Love travelling and working out? Get rewards when you workout! Simply sign up for a ClassPass free trial under us, and for every month you stay as a paying subscriber - you will be rewarded!

Stated rewards is only applicable to new subscribers of ClassPass. Renewal of subscription will earn less rewards. Trialers will not earn any rewards.

Rewards are not calculated on postage / handling / delivery costs or associated purchase taxes in your region (This may include but not be limited to VAT, GST etc).

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