Mesuca Hong Kong

40 KF Miles / 10 USD
Hong Kong
麥斯卡集團成立於1978年,是一家專註產品研發與 IP 賦能的體育用品公司。麥斯卡深耕體育行業43年,擁有自主品牌麥斯卡(MESUCA)、祖迪斯(JOEREX)、獅普高(SUPER-K),並先後聯合迪士尼、漫威、小黃人、HELLO KITTY、法拉利、探索頻道、潘通等國際品牌 IP,為廣大消費者從「衣食住行玩」全方位打造泛文創生活新體。 Founded in 1978, founded in Hong Kong, with a dedicated, professional and entrepreneurial spirit. MESUCA co-worked with Disney, Marvel, Kitty Kitty, Minions, DC Hero, Ferrari, Discovery Channel, Pantone, and other international IP licenses for more than 15 years. Category covers consumers of men and women of different ages.

Purchase Conditions

若選擇信用卡支付方式,付款後必需手動返回Mesuca 麥斯卡購物網頁面,訂單才會被視爲有效獲得獎勵。
For orders checked out with credit card, please manually return to Mesuca's page for transaction to be eligible to earn reward.