Loews Hotels

38 KF Miles / 10 USD
Loews Hotels is the leading one-of-a-kind luxury and upper-upscale hotels located in key urban and resort destinations throughout the United States and Canada.

Loews Hotels & Resorts boasts 19 iconic properties located in:
· Arlington, TX (Opening in August 2019)
· Atlanta, GA
· Boston, MA
· Chicago, Ill (2)
· Kansas City, MO (Opening in Spring 2020)
· Hollywood, CA
· Miami Beach, FL
· Minneapolis, MN
· Montreal, Canada
· New Orleans, LA
· Philadelphia, PA
· New York City, NY
· San Deigo, CA
· San Francisco, CA
· Santa Monica, CA
· Nashville, TN
· Toronto, Canada
· Tuscon, AZ
· Seattle, WA
· St. Louis, KS (Opening in February 2020)
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